I think my fascination in interior and spacial design stems from my childhood watching my Dad, who is a draftsman, sit at his huge old school drawing board drawing out building plans onto tracing paper and painstakingly removing any errors with an eraser! I was captivated by the endless possibilities there were when it came to designing buildings and it ignited that original spark of interest which has since developed into a love of interiors, furniture, materials and of course architecture.

Nowadays of course it’s all CAD that my Dad uses but I still like to sketch ideas by hand to give me a quick idea of how things can work. I love how opening up a wall, changing windows or how the contrast between a character house with a modern extension can completely transform a space not just visually but it’s feel and how you use it. Remodelling and extending my own home in 2009 reinvigorated my love for it all and since then I’ve helped friends and family with their own homes as well as gone back to college to study interior design, which developed not just my technical skills but broadened my tastes in design.

Graduating in Marketing from the University of the Arts, London nearly 15 years ago it is ironic that the area I have a real passion for now, spacial design and interiors, is now also available as an undergraduate degree at the very same university! However I don’t dwell on this missed opportunity as I have learnt many transferable skills during my career in marketing and now I have a new focus. I spend literally hours searching, reading and pouring over interior spaces on and offline and nearly always forget where I’ve seen something I love. Hence the creation of Space Hip. Somewhere I can record my finds and hopefully give others a chance to find what they are looking for – or at least some ideas! What makes me happy is researching, sourcing and sharing the endless wonderful stream of, furniture, materials, spaces and indeed people that I stumble across during my hunt for whatever it is I’m looking for at that particular moment.

No style is excluded from my blog, if I love it, I’ll blog it. However if I had to give a preference I’d say ‘Old meets New’ whether that be a modern refurbished character house or pairing an old reclaimed farmhouse table with a Tom Dixon pendant light. The beauty of this combination is that it’s open season on what to look for, nothing is excluded and I’ve unearthed some amazing things along the way. I’m also a huge fan of beautiful modern prints and natural materials, I could go on and on! But before I do, check it out for yourself…

Happy hunting!


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